Our particular expertise lies in the fields of
Web-based technologies,
Human Resources Management.
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Pi-consult.by is a software engineering company (SME) whose objective is to collaborate with other companies in the development of advanced IT solutions. Our particular expertise lies in the fields of web-based technologies and telecommunications.

Belarus, Minsk, Kulman 1/3                         Telephone and fax number: +375 17 209-84-23

We have an established development process that encompasses all stages of product life cycle development starting from technology feasibilities studies and requirements collection to delivery of turnkey solutions and documentation.

Delivering cutting-edge solutions today often requires interdisciplinary skills. This is made possible by our team members' interdisciplinary backgrounds. People of Pi-consult.by hold graduate degrees in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Physics from Russian, Belorussian, and American Universities. This allows us to confront complex and math-intensive IT problems.

Our primary work language is English, in addition a number of our team members speak German, French, and Russian. This is essential as we look at knowledge transfer as an inherent ingredient of our work.

Our partners

BrandMaker – is developed and distributed by the BrandMaker GmbH. The company is situated in Karlsruhe and has a high-performing team, consisting of IT- and marketing experts.

In order to be able to respond to our customers' varied needs we maintain business partnership. This partnership are important constituents of our business, as by its virtue We receive state of the art consultancy in our partners' competence domains, and we are able to address wider market sectors. These opportunities directly translate to our customers' advantage.